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Lifting Complex ampoules (7x2ml)

Lifting Complex ampoules (7x2ml)
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After months of testing we can finally present you the unique and best Microneedling products.... more

After months of testing we can finally present you the unique and best Microneedling products. The MoryNeedling concept was developed to achieve perfect results (see below).

With the Lifting Complex you smooth and tighten your skin effectively during and after the Microneedling treatment. More precisely, you increase your elastin and collagen synthesis through cell stimulating active ingredients. As a result, a youthful and smooth appearance is ideally promoted. The Lifting Complex is especially effective for stressed and vital poor skin. As a result, the skin's moisture depot is increased immensely.
Your magic ingredient for microneedling ampoules.

In order to achieve an even longer lasting effect, you can also use our Microneedling ampoules as a home care product as a cure. To do this, break the ampoule carefully with a cloth, place the contents in your hands and gently apply with a little pressure to the respective area and work it in. After that, apply the day or night care over it.

The MoryNeedling Concept:

STEP 1: DETOX CLEANING with Detox Cleansing Cream
Effect: Gentle cleansing of all skin types.
Application: Mix a small amount with water and spread over the face. After a short period of action, remove without residue with slightly warmed compresses.

STEP 2: DEEP CLEANING with Micelles Toning Lotion
Effect: Thorough cleaning of stubborn dirt particles and soothing effect of blocked pores and redness.
Application: Apply a thin layer with cotton pad on the cleansed skin and let the lotion work in briefly.

STEP 3: NEEDLING with Hyaluron 2 Power / SOS Balancer Complex / Stem Cell / Anti Wrinkle Serum
Effect: Different. Please look at the effect on the respective product pages.
Application Adjust the depth of the needles individually and start with the needling.

STEP 4: RESTORING MASK with Croma Green Tea Face Mask
Effect: Your irritated skin can now come to rest. You achieve a revitalizing and shiny effect on your skin.
Application: After a thorough cleansing of the needled face you put the mask on the dried face. After 10-15 minutes, remove the mask.

STEP 5: INTENSIVE CONCLUSION CREAM with C-Q10 Firming Massage Creme (500ml)
Effect: Provitamins provide an intensive energy supply and exhausted skin is revived.
Application: Take a suitable amount of the product and massage it in. Rinse with lukewarm water after a short exposure.

The MorySkin team has spent months looking for perfect microneedling products and has carried out many tests. At this point we would like to thank our brave test persons who have helped us to create the unique MoryNeedling concept for our customers. Convince yourself!

Microneedling – The modern way of anti-aging

With the effective microneedling treatment in combination with our unique ampoules, you will obtain visible results. As a result of the massive supply of moisture, you will achieve a smooth and silky soft skin. The Microneedling treatment is ideal for wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and pigment treatments. As a result, your skin regenerates itself from microscopic stitches and simultaneously stimulates the formation of hyaluronic acid and collagen.
As a result, microneedling treatments has become a real alternative to facelifting

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7 ampoules à 2ml

The main ingredients of the Lifting Complex are among others: Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Sodium PCA, Hyaluronic acid (short- and long-chain), Saccharide Isomerate, Allantoin

Effect duration:

We recommend following the MoryNeedling concept as a guideline in order to achieve the first results and the longest duration of effect as quickly as possible. Long-lasting results only become apparent after several treatments. Here is a guideline: approx. 3 treatments every 1 month. In addition, make-up and self-tanning should be avoided for the time being in order to avoid infections of the irritated skin. Depending on skin type and skin structure, the results can last 6-9 months, but also up to one year for some customers. Consequently, these are also caused by age and sun exposure, etc.

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