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ORB Wax Heater ORB Wax Heater
The CE certified ORB wax heater keeps wax at a constant and pleasant temperature for a powerful 60 minutes. This wax heater is ideal for all beauty treatments that require hot wax. In addition to depilation of arms and legs, this also...
Content 1 Pieces
€193.99 * €255.43 *
Antibacterial Vanity Epilator Threads Antibacterial Vanity Epilator Threads
With the antibacterial Vanity epilation threads you get a cotton epilation thread. With it you can remove even the smallest fluff hairs (from 1 mm). The luxurious brow styling products from Perfect EyeLash With the Perfect EyeLash brow...
Content 300 Laufende(r) Meter (€1.93 * / 100 Laufende(r) Meter)
€5.80 * €10.25 *
Brow Lamination Starter Set Brow Lamination Starter Set
With the Brow Lamination Starter Set the long lasting eyebrow lamination is easy to implement. This set contains all the important materials and tools to perform professional brow lamination either in the studio or privately. This...
Content 1 Pieces
€135.00 * €169.00 *
Oil-free cleaning peeling Oil-free cleaning peeling
With the cleansing peeling of Perfect EyeLash you get a mild, oil-free peeling, whereby all superficial, dead skin cells are removed. More specifically, this product is enriched with Aloe Vera to gently and gently exfoliate the skin....
Content 12 ml (€105.58 * / 100 ml)
€12.67 * €23.80 *
Rose water Rose water
With the rose water of Perfect EyeLash you get a product with multifunctional use, which consists of pure rose water. On the one hand, it can be used during the brow treatment for moistening and cooling. On the other hand the rose water...
Content 50 ml (€25.34 * / 100 ml)
€12.67 * €19.49 *
Colour tone remover Colour tone remover
The Perfect EyeLash shade remover is a lifesaver in case paint is applied to an unwanted area. More precisely, it is a mild but very effective remover for brow henna or Refectocil colour on the skin. However, you should react quickly, as...
Content 50 ml (€25.34 * / 100 ml)
€12.67 * €23.59 *
Colour Mixer Colour Mixer
With the colour mixer from Perfect EyeLash you get a practical mixer for the brow henna. To be more precise, the result after mixing is a smooth mass. The colour mixer is powered by AA batteries, which are not included. Now find the...
Content 1 Pieces
€17.55 * €32.13 *
Brow Henna starter set in powder form Brow Henna starter set in powder form
With the Brow Henna Starter Set in powder form you get all the products you need to perform a Brow Henna treatment. This starter set contains the following products: 6 colours of Brow Henna powder (5g each) Colour tone remover (50ml)...
€197.20 * €255.44 *
Brow Henna starter set in capsule form Brow Henna starter set in capsule form
With the Brow Henna Starter Set in capsule form you get all the products you need to perform a Brow Henna treatment. This starter set contains the following products: 6 colours of Brow Henna in capsule form (Total: 120 capsules) Colour...
€197.20 * €255.44 *
Eyelashes cleansing brush Eyelashes cleansing brush
With the Perfect EyeLash eyelash cleansing brush you can clean your lash extensions effectively and easily in combination with the cleansing foam or water. To be more precise, this product is made with a soft brush of very high quality...
Content 1 Pieces
€4.87 * €8.21 *
Make Up Remover (Paraben-free) Make Up Remover (Paraben-free)
With the make-up remover from Perfect EyeLash you get the world's only make-up remover free of any parabens. More specifically, it is an oil-free cleanser that has been perfected with herbal extracts such as Aloe Vera & Cucumber extracts...
Content 100 ml
€13.65 * €19.49 *
Growth Serum for Eyebrows & Eyelashes Growth Serum for Eyebrows & Eyelashes
With the growth serum for eyebrows & eyelashes you help yourself to longer, fuller and therefore darker eyebrows and/or eyelashes. It contains no hormones and is made from 100% natural, Japanese extracts! The product can also be used...
Content 3 ml (€1,137.33 * / 100 ml)
€34.12 * €50.27 *
Eyelash Glaze (Coating) Eyelash Glaze (Coating)
With the eyelash glaze (coating) of Perfect EyeLash you can keep your lash extensions longer. More precisely, a thin protective layer is applied over the adhesive of the eyelash extension, which means that even water fun in the water is...
Content 13 ml (€123.77 * / 100 ml)
€16.09 * €24.62 *
Cleansing foam for eyelids & eyelashes Cleansing foam for eyelids & eyelashes
With the cleansing foam for eyelids & eyelashes from Perfect EyeLash you get the world's only cleansing foam free of any parabens. It is very popular before an eyelash treatment and for home care as an after treatment. The product has...
Content 100 ml
€14.63 * €22.57 *
Vaseline Vaseline
The Vaseline from Perfect EyeLash is used to border the marked eyebrows with Vaseline. It also protects the skin and ensures that the colour cannot get to the skin. If you have applied Vaseline around the eyebrows and paint accidentally...
Content 8 Gramm (€24.38 * / 100 Gramm)
€1.95 * €3.57 *
Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera Gel
With the Aloe Vera Gel from Perfect EyeLash you get a 100% pure Aloe Vera concentrate, which makes the skin smooth and cools it gently. The product is ideal for use after epilation/waxing and after removing the tapes of the eyelash...
Content 100 Gramm
€10.72 * €17.85 *
Sticks for removal and mixing Sticks for removal and mixing
With the Perfect EyeLash sticks you can ideally take the right amount of the required brow henna colour from the different shapes. You can also mix different brow henna colours with this product to create a unique colour tone....
Content 1 Pieces
€3.41 * €4.76 *
Angled Brow Brush Angled Brow Brush
With the Brow Brush from Perfect EyeLash you get a brush that has been perfectly angled by several tests and is ideal for applying the Brow Henna colour. Due to the angled brush, this product is ideal for this purpose, as you can paint...
Content 1 Pieces
€10.24 * €15.47 *
Coloring measuring threads (10m) Coloring measuring threads (10m)
With the coloring measuring threads of Perfect EyeLash you receive ready-made, dyed threads in a practical dispenser. These threads serve as an aid to ideally connect the lines resulting from the measuring process ( brow mapping ) of the...
Content 10 ml (€126.70 * / 100 ml)
€12.67 * €14.36 *
Microblading disposable pen (various sizes) Microblading disposable pen (various sizes)
With the Microblading Disposable Pen , you guarantee your customers the highest level of hygiene. As the Microblading Disposable Pen is only intended for one use at a time and is then disposed of, the risk of infection due to inadequate...
Content 1 Pieces
€5.99 * €8.00 *
Eyebrow pencil - Brow Pencil (various colours) Eyebrow pencil - Brow Pencil (various colours)
With the Brow Pencil, defined eyebrows can be realised particularly easily. The pencil is specially designed as an eyebrow pencil and allows you to trace both the contours and individual brow hairs. For impressive brow styling, the Brow...
Content 1 Pieces
€11.31 * €18.47 *
Microblading Universal Pen (silver) Microblading Universal Pen (silver)
With the Microblading Universal Pen , microblading eyebrows can be carefully created by hand. The pen-shaped handpiece has a convincing silver look. It is made of high quality stainless steel and can be easily sterilised by high...
Content 1 Pieces
€17.99 * €29.90 *
Eyebrow Tweezers - Depilate Tweezer Eyebrow Tweezers - Depilate Tweezer
With the Depilate Tweezer you get a special tweezer for browstyling and other beauty routines. Annoying hair on the face is usually perceived as a real beauty deficiency. With the Depilate Tweezer , a single movement is enough to remove...
Content 1 Pieces
€9.28 * €15.39 *
Perfect Eyeliner (various colours) Perfect Eyeliner (various colours)
With Perfect Eyeliner you get a real all-rounder, which can achieve delicate effects as well as expressive make-up. It belongs to the basic equipment for extravagant make-ups and browstyling. The Perfect Eyeliner is available in black...
Content 1.36 Gramm (€831.62 * / 100 Gramm)
€11.31 * €15.47 *
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