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Organizer Station

Organizer Station
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The Perfect EyeLash organizer station allows you to keep your workspace organized and neat at... more

The Perfect EyeLash organizer station allows you to keep your workspace organized and neat at the same time

No products are included with this product. These must be purchased separately.

The Organizer Station is a display designed to organize and display a variety of Perfect EyeLash products. This product station contains various compartments of different widths, lengths and depths so that your materials for various beauty treatments are neatly and clearly organized. For example, if you want to store adhesive tape, tweezers, eye pads, eyelash glue or even the hygrometer measuring device, the Perfect EyeLash organization station is just the right product for you.

The phenomenal Perfect EyeLash products

We use the Perfect EyeLash Organizing Station in professional training courses and in combination with other high-quality Perfect EyeLash products. During these training sessions, questions are answered about the correct execution of a Brow & Lash treatment in order to always achieve optimal results. We are not responsible for disappointing results if you use the products without prior training. So save your place for the next training dates and contact us by email today.

FAQ about the organization station - various colors

What is included with the Perfect EyeLash organizer station?
When you order, you will receive a station in the color of your choice.

In which colors is the organizer station available?
This product can be purchased in either white or black.

Is the organization station only suitable for beauty salons?
Although the station was primarily developed for use in beauty salons and studios, it can also be used in surgeries and bathrooms.

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