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PMU Pigment Station

PMU Pigment Station
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The PMU Pigment Station by Perfect EyeLash beautifully displays the pigments you use for PMU... more

The PMU Pigment Station by Perfect EyeLash beautifully displays the pigments you use for PMU treatments

There are no products included with this display. These must be purchased separately.

The PMU Pigment Station is a specially designed and developed product by Perfect EyeLash that holds up to 7 different pigment tubes. This pigment station not only puts your material, and therefore your workplace, in a good light, but also maintains the order and cleanliness of your treatment rooms. Moreover, this PMU station has a marble look, which additionally creates a luxurious look. With us, you can buy the PMU Pigment Station today and showcase your pigments whenever you want.

The phenomenal Perfect EyeLash products

We use the Perfect EyeLash PMU pigment station in professional trainings and in combination with other, qualitative Perfect EyeLash products. In these trainings, we answer questions about how to properly perform a Brow & Lash treatment to ensure optimal results every time. We are not responsible for disappointing results if you use the items without prior training. So secure a spot for the next training dates and contact us by mail today.

FAQ about PMU Pigment Station - without products

What is included with the PMU Pigment Station from Perfect EyeLash?
This product is delivered individually and without products. However, the high-quality PMU pigments can be purchased separately from us.

How many pigments does the PMU Pigment Station hold?
A total of 7 Perfect EyeLash pigments can be placed in this station.

What is the difference between the PMU Pigment Station and the PMU Pigment Holder?
The pigment holder is made of silver-colored stainless steel and offers space for PMU needles and filled PMU bowls. The pigment station presents the pigments placed in the bottles and the station has an elegant marble look.

Is the PMU pigment holder only for PMU pigments?
The pigment holder is primarily designed for PMU pigments, but can also present and organize colors of BrowStyling under certain circumstances.

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